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GIKO1400 Surgical N95 Respirator | Case for Wholesale


Ship from China

GIKO 1400 is manufactured by Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Co., Ltd. USA NIOSH approved with TC number TC-84A-4282


10units/ Box,

30boxes / Case


Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Company, Ltd. Passed the strict NIOSH certification. Founded in the year 1992, The Giko is the brand for the NIOSH N95 respirator. Except for American Niosh CFR42 Pt. 84 approval, their products also meet European Standard EN149: 2001 FFP2, Chinese GB2626-2006, and Japanese JIS T 8151-2005 standard. This company comes from Shanghai, China, and has exported PPE products to more than 60 countries for many years. The most influential product produced by Gangkai is GIKO 1200H N95 filtering facepiece and Giko1400. GIKO 1400 is listed on the CDC website as surgical N95.

GIKO 1400 is NIOSH-approved and CDC-approved (approval number 84A-4282) particulate respirators designed to be effective against particulate aerosols free of oil with a 95% filter efficiency level. GIKO 1400 N95 mask for healthcare professionals with duckbill shape suits for most facial sizes with elastic headband and US average size. Adjustable nosepiece outside can be shaped easily to prevent leakage and eyewear fogging. Latex-Free headbands to reduce the possibility of users’ allergies to Latex.



Case, Sample-one box


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