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Shining Star N95 Respirator SS6001| Case for Wholesale


The  price does not include  shipping Fee  (Ship from China)

Shining Star SS6001 is manufactured by Hangzhou Ti Yun Industrial Co., Ltd in China. USA NIOSH approved with TC number is TC-84A-8125


20 units/ Box,

12 boxes / Case

240 units/Case

Manufacturer: Hangzhou Ti Yun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Ti Yun Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Hangzhou section of the “Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal”; one of the world’s cultural heritage which has a 2,500 years history.

Shining Star  SS6001 are NIOSH-approved and CDC-approved (approval number 84A-8125) particulate respirators designed to be effective against particulate aerosols free of oil with a 95% filter efficiency level. The contour design of these masks ensures the compatibility of any glasses or goggles worn with them and reduces fogging. Stay healthy, and keep those around you safe with the Shining Star N95 Face Masks.



Case, Sample-one box


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