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Shigematsu DD02V-N95-2K  is manufactured by SHIGEMATSU WORKS CO., LTD .USA NIOSH approved with TC number TC-84A-7645


10 units/ pack,

20 packs / Case

200 units/Case


SHIGEMATSU WORKS CO., LTD. has passed strict NIOSH certification. The Shigematsu masks are superior in quality and very comfortable to wear. Founded in 1917, it has grown rapidly to become a leading manufacturer in the protective equipment industry. This company comes from Japan. They produce protective equipment, Dust mask, breathing protective equipment with electric fan, gas masks, air supply masks, air/oxygen respirator, soundproof protective equipment (earmuffs, earplugs), protective glasses, protective clothing, protective gloves, fall prevention equipment, carrier, Oxygen meter, etc.

Shigematsu DD02V-N95-2K is a NIOSH-approved and CDC-approved (approval number 84A-7645) particulate respirator designed to be effective against particulate aerosols free of oil with a 95% filter efficiency level. Very comfortable to wear with soft material. No metal used allowed wearing in those environments where metal is not allowed. Continuous loop design allows to hang the mask around the neck when not in use. The black lock on the head strap is easy to adjust the size and provides a custom seal. Cool Flow Valve in ABS material helps keep the wearer cool.



Case, Sample-one box


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