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YICHITA N95 Respirator YQD95 | Case for Wholesale


Ship from China

YICHITA YQD95 is manufactured by Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. USA NIOSH approved with TC number TC-84A-9276


25units/ Box,

24boxes / Case

600 units/Case

Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. has passed strict CDC NIOSH certification. As one of the few manufacturers who got NIOSH N95 certificates in China, they are qualified with ISO 9001: 2015, NIOSH and LA, and many others also. This company comes from Shanghai, China. Founded in 2014, as one of the leading face masks manufacturers, Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., LTD has grown into a modern production base with 6, 000 square meters and 100 professional employees. With the support of more than 12 automated and 20 semi-automated production lines, daily capacity reaches 300, 000 pieces of masks.

YICHITA YQD95 is NIOSH-approved and CDC-approved (approval number 84A-9276) particulate respirators designed to be effective against particulate aerosols free of oil with a 95% filter efficiency level. YQD95 is a disposable N95 mask or respirator, that will protect employees from breathing in small particles, such as dust or mold, not resistant to oil.YQD95 N95 disposable respirators also meet the ASTM F2100 Level II requirement and have been praised as a high-quality N95 mask by many professional medical users like a dentist.



Case, Sample-one box


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